If I were to date you…

If I were to date you,

Let us think of it this way
I know that our love is 
More than naked bodies. 

Twas the night we sat on the 
Railroad tracks 
when we both discovered 
Our hearts are the 
color of stoplights, 
But we could never be stilled. 

They were too frantic—
Shaking our chests, like 
a drum, 
Yet it was rhythmic. 
We were in a trance.

You told me that the capillaries in your lungs

Felt like tiny upside down trees. 
I have always 
been connected with 
The veins in my hands. 

They remind me of a river. 
I cannot explain 
But you were never afraid to tell me
we are intertwined with the veins in my hands. 

Your skin and mine together. 
I imagine the trees
 in its purest form 
And the river is inhaling quietly.
You and I are still at the train tracks. 

Our hearts are still shaking, 
We are naked and pure.

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