For so long I longed to be an orphan
Carry on merry adventures
An only child, or with siblings,
Or adopted fellow vagabonds
Ever humming on the road
From one town to the next quest
A never ending series of fantastic events

Fantasy isn’t heroism or bravery
Escaping inside your mind just because
You can’t bring yourself to cut the
ties that bind

You make your new home a homestack
Every straw a key
To unlock the shackles on your feet
Keeping you from fleeing your family
Freeing yourself from judgement,
The yoke of legacy, responsibility, reality

For so long I longed to be on top,
On the top tier of talent, mirrored invisibility
The scariest destiny. We are blind
To ourself, we only see our own form in the
On each other’s eyes

A taunting laugh echoes
Through this hall of bent mirrors
You’ll never get out, it cackles
I’ll lend you an eye for an eye
Together we’ll make this world unblind

You are what you are
Always seeking to be what you aren’t
High caste, low caste
Swinging from hedon to chaste

I used to be so afraid of my weaknesses
As if they aren’t the best things to
Happen to me
I used to be so overfed
As if hungry isn’t the best way to be
Everything not given to you
Is a gift only the ungrateful can’t see

I always thought anchors were
My enemy
Keeping me from sailing the seas
But anchors can take you to the most
Surprising places
You don’t get scars from faring mapped journeys

I’m going to cut this poor anchor free
Tethered to this ship like a genie
And I’ll ask if it will take me down with it
If I may see what it wants to show me
Maybe the bottom of the ocean where
I’m meant to be


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