Note to Self

Save this feeling for when the sun goes down;
When the moon is up and the whole world
Is asleep. With the exception of those like you,
Those who know exactly what it’s like to hurt
In ways you never thought you could and
Have your stinging eyes begging
For sleep that you can’t seem to reach and
Suddenly have every sad lyric known to man
Start to mean something but
Wake up the next morning, or arrive
At morning, with some sort of morphine
Running through your blood feeling
Like everything you let yourself think the
Night before was stupid
It’s as if the sun will create a distance
Between the person you were last night
And the person you are today but really,
You’ll soon realise that this numbness
Cannot last forever and only stalls the pain
You need to feel.

But just save this feeling
For when the sun goes down,
As the night will gift you
The courage you need
To embrace your vulnerability
And that is good enough for now.


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