Profound Clarity

From restless sleep, I awake
Uncertainty, doubt fills me
With dread
For I must leave my resting place
My only escape
From melancholic trips into the abyss
Of self-affliction and apathy fits;
The freezing world bares me
To stark reality
To truth
And as I pass gone dandelions
Remnants of a season resistant to change
They steadily strip and silence
The dreamy side of me
That talks yet evades
Fleeting veracity
And so I am led
Into unforgiving dawn
Burrowing in brain
Profound agony
Yet hope prevails
In distressed times such as these
So gripping heart and sculpted reality
I lead myself into an ingrained and glorious reverie
That harmoniously resides
In past summers and future springs
And into an enlightenment
On the pleasures of
Simply being
And into moments of unprecedented and all-consuming
Profound ecstasy
In this golden stupor
I see
All the glory and wonder
Found in picturesque scenes
That rest so lovely in front of me
And in this dew drop reality
I see
All the joy that twinkles around me
Such as the exaltation
Found in basic human anatomy
Both body and mind
On rollercoaster high uprising
In altered states in which
I see
The highest orders of the seraphim
Ecstasy, agony
Rejoice deeply, sincerely
Found in this ever-changing time of conscious being
When the apple transformed into the tree
Oh, finally, I truly see
That mountain peaks
Combine to reach
Deep dreams that give
The harsh snow
Complex beauty
And elicits in me
Infinity in feeling
Into complex, absolute,
Profound clarity.


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