I think the strangest things.
Tossed around my mind, it flings
Thoughts and feelings.
Interrupting my everyday actions,
Everyday lies.
Oh how time flies,
When you’re doing nothing.
I’m sitting here alone,
Inside I’m dying,
Whilst my sanity is thrown,
Battered and shattered,
Chaos reigns my mind, scattered.
To quiet the violence I get depressed.
A while later my mind, just silenced,
Is shattered by the silence, sadness,
Weighted, soaked with long cold nights,
Filling me for another,
Shooting down my emotional flights,
Reminding me of the hate,
The aching need of a lover,
The empty hole,
No-one knows and no-one listens
To my painful pleadings,
So my fear of rejection and disbelief
Disables my relief.
Shuts me up,
Lets me drop
Into the ocean of sadness,
Freezing me to numbness.


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