Mass and Light Equivalence

Vacuum, an absence so stark
The sky felt in his space
He looked down longingly
At the vast ocean from high

Matter is there
Which matters so much
In his absence of matter
He could only send
Massless light in forms of rays
And streaks of lightning
And fairy lights that twinkle.

In the bid to hold all she is below
To no avail as his holds
Are in forms of gas
Formless and massless

The ocean bathes light
For they could be felt
So enchantingly, out of the world
She dances in waves
To reach and reach
To no avail and to hold him
Real and long.

The light of the sun sets
The light of stars rose
With the glowing moon
That waves and wanes
The cycles
The lovings
And the agonies

On and on
And all that matters
Is when there’s the
Between light and mass
In those transient moments
When they transform into
One another
Like the times of old

How they have been reborn
And meet
Since the first stardusts

How they have been reborn
To only transiently
Be in each other


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