Sleepy Eyed

Moth wings on dusty lights
Illusions and shadows dance against windows
You still prey on my thoughts and mind
As if you still take up so much of my time on life
Only to breathe in yesterday’s past
I trace shapes of happy faces
Over phone screens and smile along train rides to places
Where strangers brush up against
Elbows and seats are warmed from other passengers

You’re well and I worry less
That chances remain open for weary hearts to rest
In big cities and busy streets
I still imagine winter jackets in the middle of July

And still someone pens away words for you
Dark haired girl that sometimes stays just a
Bit out of your sight
Little hands that will always hold on just a bit too tight
Small body with too many feelings
Who will make room for just a bit more
Of life to fill up her time
Sleepy eyed with laughing lines

Your presence still remains in my heart


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