Poetic Rhyme

Later paint these images in giant rectangles
Slowly melt away into a salt and pepper party
Relax all your thoughts and jump deep into your mind
Feel that the end is near but maybe I am just unclear
This red truck has the firepower of a thousand stinging bumblebees
These towers keep collapsing from within
Explosions radiate the skin
Each moment so opportune in making good things happen
Wasting self away into an egolessness venture
No good or bad can come from this
The world has yet to see
The beauty of my springfield light
The purity of white snowflakes
Melting firmly on the ground surrounded bounded hounded to the grave
I hear all the people say
“What’s she doing with this time?”
I’m just spitting out these rhymes
Finding beauty in the moment to the rhythm of an omen
Desperately awake for one more chance at being happy
Crawling on these bruised knees, answers for resentment,
It’s a New Testament,
To utter divine protection,
The whips and the bees collide to make the branches smaller
The roots are dug from underneath the hard rock earth and soil
If you find yourself intoxicated,
Know where help is near,
Keep your spirits mighty strong
By thanking the unknown
For all its kindness goodness grace
I see a pattern on her face
Reflecting sunlight in her eyes
Distort the color brown to green,
I’ll find you again soon
I know this to be true
I’ll wait here till apocalyptic times degenerate you
I’ll pull you out of slumber and take you to neverland
Where we can live prosperous, unduly escaping the grips of all our social chains,
The fire within breathes its hydrogen bomb gulp
It waits for a minute before settling back down,
Quietly assessing the right moment to attack,
Possessing one determination,
Destination operation,
Perspiration, declaration,
Masquerading fur coats as innocent hardware,
Pennilessly drawing out a map for tomorrow,
Potent as the core of earth,
Leave it to the lava lamps
To render all our atmosphere
impeccable seclusion of decisive final statements
There’s no one around to judge me for who I am
For I have already taken my enemy’s kingdom
To a place where pentagons float on the walls and everywhere inside there is lost and there’s comfort,
Leading you astray,
Or perhaps back to bay,
All those dudes will pay,
So do not dismay and take the new day in the mightiest way,
Remember that the omen points for happiness to come in May
Astrological compulsory heroism blocked,
Trained by his best friend how to fight and fight right
Eventually all will follow him in his footsteps,
But I believe divine decree will lead me to more kindness,
A chance at survival in the strength of an idol,
A karmic display of bad luck from past lives,
A misuse of magic to hurt and entice,
The master of cells holding each and every key,
The wholesome good fight powerfully justified
Lucid as a nightmare, separate from reality
A consciousness emerging from the stillness of my body,
An equilibrium of mind and spirit tranquilizing into one,
And dear when I miss you, do you miss me too?
Are we both just waiting for the other to make a move?
Will history repeat itself intensely on the grand stage?
Or will the tide of life alternate past the bread of love
All you single ladies keep your heads up above,
You know you’re enough for someone to deserve you
Don’t ever deny that your soul carries strength,
Greater in size than any previously met,
Divinely organized complex as parting energy
Herald the underdog who makes it out alive,
They won’t always thrive but their mind at least won’t take a dive,
Lunar eclipses follow me to the next life,
Let us set sail and prepare to sing
Sing beautiful words from the pits of your soul
Crying out each tune from some forgotten melody
Pulled from my subconscious in the moment as I mark it down,
Singing each note and rhyming each beat,
Who’d have known that lightning strikes could sound so beautiful?
Beaten like a dead horse
My voice becomes hoarse,
I’m asked politely to use force,
In order to complete this course
Traveling around the earth like a spindle in a toybox
Promising togetherness in waves of rushing Equinox
Listen to the temples for the answers of the world
Desensitize yourself from pain to see Akashik secrets
Hello, how are you, goodbye??
Well nice knowing you,
Funny how we get along,
Playing with ourselves among
The interior crusading wall
One by one remove it all
Listen to these litigators,
Tell them what they need.
Show them to the answers of all their wildest dreams.
Correctly fixate strings of alphanumerical information
Policy of mine advised to transform every day
In every way
Even if I’m a little gay,
At least I can enjoy a lay
The curse of sexual shame bonding us all to gross suppression
Of basic hormonal impulses fighting to take clear of salt,
Where are you taking me Master?
Have we ever walked this deep into the woods?
What if we get lost and cannot find our way back?
Should we give up now and restart again tomorrow?
The mentor answers solidly
There is no time to wait,
The existence of your fate
Is to open up this gate,
And let the devil take the bait
Pineal stimulation causing my heart to peel its slander
Noticing my enemies and laughing them away,
Knowing what they hate in me is what they hate in themselves too
Jealousy or envy,
Greed and deceit,
Naked in a nudist pool
Evening Christmas Eve
This time is not bought,
It’s what enlightenment sought,
To carry pathways leading forward
Perched upon a golden eagle
Sending metta to my people,
Practicing my jailhouse antics,
Lighting up a storm of cloudy
Girls between the lobby doors,
Trusting in appreciation of ghoulish behavior,
The crazier you are the more susceptible you are
To the ever passing by of different realms aligned with ours,
Subdivide your consciousness and lucid dream to uncover the secrets that truly lie within
Then learn to exit the body,
Not stressing loss of control,
Just loosely basing off my patrol
To walk through the astral realm,
At least I feel at home,
Where the spirits gather around
And terminate me with their pointy fingers,
Ragged unclothed exposed dejection
These spirits weren’t friends, they were all out to get me,
Feeling humiliated,
Refusing to go down
Collecting information round
My eyes and lips and throat
To better trust my gut,
Do not lay out your trust to someone who might take it for granted,
You don’t want to end up feeling used, wasted, and hated
So come home,
I’ll tell you how I feel right now
I feel like I can’t be anyone without you
You are all that holds me up
You are all that shines on through
You are all I truly care for
You inspire me to live
What I wouldn’t do for you,
Trying to get control of you,
Losing my grip on all that remained,
From innocence birth has renewed in my palm
From there it will sparkle and next moment gone
The trees are communicating what it means to stand and pray,
Life purely formed to absorb and produce,
An unsubstantial energy causing all our illusions,
Of a tragic materialistic society in ruins,
Will all its followers take a bow with me?
I am ready to give up but also prepared to fight
For I believe that one must do what they know to be right
And even when one isn’t doing what they think is right,
Every moment is blessing for gratitude,
Forgiveness is up in the air.
So sit in your ruthlessly undefinable chairs,
I know how to fix you and I am prepared,
But you might not want that,
I might even fail,
No matter what happens,
I’ll fall back and feel safe,
Running off a cliff in socks,
These realms appear to all have locks,
Potentially driving martyrs to death,
Making them beg to their very last breath,
Grounded in my own skin for the elevation of my kin,
Pass along what you see with your eyes and your ears,
Share the world with a great big joyous smile.
Wait for dawn to erupt with a disappointing wake up,
Back to reality it seems to always be.
The dull draining reality we suck up on TV,
Our phones an addiction to escaping the stillness of mind,
Intimidated by correct fatherless figures,
Listen to your bones,
Pray with your ears
Pulsate with your mouth,
And let the energy divine sweep you right off your feet,
I’m hoping in time that you and I will one day meet.
And we will splash our hands together,
Embrace the incoming stormy weather,
Fall into its leaves and roses
Unlike the victims with their broken noses,
Recognize scent as integral to development,
Find the source of your deepest pain,
Feel the pain whole,
Feel your body’s pain without suppressing or ignoring it.
If you just let it linger then it will stay there forever.
But if you ground yourself into this moment,
You take your entire body with you,
And the pain is from the past,
All that dirt is unnecessary to your happiness today.
Just remember throughout the day,
Feel your body come what may,
Expect to see different results,
As misery coincides lack of awareness,
And connecting to your body is the ultimate awareness,
For what else composes your flesh?


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