Changing Seasons

Don’t you love it when the leaves change color?
When vestiges of green are smelted into the most ornate golds.
And remaining verdant containers burst into the ferocious flames of orange leaflets.
I cannot explain why the leaves change colors,
why changes in temperature and season defy reason and metamorphasize green leaves into something more.
Color in leaves leave swiftly and just like people you will always spring before you fall.
As falling leaves drift from dying trees and people move apart.
Revealing true colors and hidden folds,
Dying reds and brilliant golds.
Don’t you love it when the leaves change color?
As we age, we change shades but never truly differ from our original state.
We are simply all different leaves on a slowly dying tree.
The only difference as we grow closer to death is our appearance.
If you are one who drained the essence of others in your youth,
In old age your actions will not change.
The first of us to fall are not usually those that stole the nutrients and light of others,
But rather the malnourished and forgotten.
I will not pretend that life is fair, that leaves and people all exist in equal sunlight and die when they should.
As leaves change hues, people change masks, but just as an orange leaf is as much a leaf as a green leaf, selfish people growing older are still selfish.
The scope of greed simply changes, a few drops of rain as leaflets suddenly become all the rain our tree recieves for a few leafy canopies.
As young children we fight our brothers and sisters for materials, toys, money, food.
As adults we fight our brothers and sisters for resources, oil, capital, information.
Wars are a human invention to compliment an innate human behavior.
Our cherubic youth is no more than a precursor to man’s most frightening capabilities.
Guided missiles do not guide the hands that need them most, but rather obliterate them.
The surgical precision of drone strikes isn’t so precise when future surgeons have their futures erased.
The leaves of trees if not destroyed are forever marred by the blood of human beings.
Don’t you love it when the leaves change color?


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