Blue Light

If I could have just a fraction
Of that great light that shines in you
I’d set off a chain reaction
And turn these grey skies into blue
I would, but no

Your light is not mine to borrow
I’ll have to find some other way
I’ll keep these dreams till tomorrow
Till I know how to make you stay
Or let you go

Should I just learn to be lonely?
Is that the path I’m meant to take?
Would I be happy to roam free,
Or would it cause my heart to break?
I still don’t know

Will I be doomed to remember
Every day that you were with me
Our promises of December
All those plans that we made falsely
When time was slow

September came and we shattered
The leaves turned brown and we turned blue
In my world, only you’ve mattered
The only light I’ve known is you
Please… please don’t go


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