Thoughts Of A Madman

In transit to life.
I escape the cruel hand.
My life begins to shimmer again.
Spreading light in this cold dark world.

The worth of my being is already measured by what it is to believe in the real and in fiction.

Progress. Not perfection.

I feel warmth in the coldest depths below.
I feel safe though my faith is shallow.
I grasp the concept of life in its purest form.
I experienced the calm before the storm.

Progress. Not perfection.

Though everything is falling apart.
I find hope in the things I’ve lost.
Wishing it will ever be back again.

The existence of the being inside me is immortal for it has tested the sands of time.
Gone through life and death.
Conquered heaven and hell.
What will I do to prove this all to you?

Grant eternal life to me!


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