Moon Stories

Sometimes the moon is full.
Otherwise an eerie scythe.
The moon is a man too, that is
also a wolf. Or a girl with a rabbit.
Often a girl walks through a forest.
Do you not live near the forest?
I meant the city at night, neon-bright, slick
like advertisement. The girl is red as
menstrual blood and spilled guts.
Does that seem too harsh?
I meant the scarlet of lip-stick and Valentine.
The wolf has hairy hands
all the better for catching the girl! No?
Soft as velvet then, to caress her cheek.
The girl can be the night (if it pleases)
enveloping the wolf, the man, pressing herself
down on him, fit to howl as well as any beast.
Sometimes the girl becomes a woman
sometimes she lets the man in on this secret.
Sometimes one eats the other, and that
can be interpreted any way you like.


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