A phantom love,
Once felt,
In a lost dream,
Cloaks itself,
In the eyes,
Of an infidel,
Staring at me,
Like destiny,
To a sinister wish,
I try to reach for,
The fading stars,
Spread across galaxies,
And withering black holes,
Of fire works,
Swallowed in the sky,
Bursting on our tongues,
Like an inexplicable feeling,
For so long,
I have passed days,
Passing time,
Fooling the heart,
To fall in love,
With all that,
No longer remains,
Your touch fades,
In the carcass of memory,
Your scent follows,
The lingering wishes
I create scenarios
In a world of make belief,
I keep picturing,
You to be with me,
And just before,
I open my eyes
I take the final leap,
And fall into your arms,
I am with you,
In between the rain drops,
Reading poetry,
Submerged in coffee,
Writing vows,
On our skins,
I try to decipher,
The meaning,
Of impermanent,
For every inch of me
Now resembles,


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